Announcement: Race Format Revised

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Announcement: Race Format Revised

After a strong first round at Virginia International Raceway, Sim Karting League has decided to revise the current race format to better accommodate it’s racers. The format will be a shorter format, with the removal of the “Q” qualifying in exchange for a fifteen-minute open qualifying session. In addition, the racers will now have one Pre-Final instead of two individual heat races. These changes aim to shorten the time spent off the track while in staging, but also keep the on track time similar.

Sim Karting League Series Director, Brenden Baker, had a few words on the new format. “As an organization, our main goal is to keep our racers happy, and after our first race at VIR, we received a lot of feedback regarding the race format. I took these suggestions, sat down with my team, and we came to the conclusion that a few changes needed to be made. I’m looking forward to seeing how the race format plays out at Auto Club this week.”

New Format

7:00PM EST Free Practice 2
8:15PM EST Qualifying (15 Minute Open Session)
8:35PM EST Pre-Final (12 Laps)
9:00PM EST Final (25 Laps)





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